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Start today!

Make your dreams come true. Your dreams, the dreams of your team and the dreams of your organisation. Grow beyond your limitations and realise your ambitions. Use your unique talents and experience the energy and flow as you achieve something together that is beyond everything you thought possible.

Take responsibility. Whatever your role or task. Take responsibility for the future of your team and organisation. By fully deploying your personal talents and the talents of the people in the organisation, you can help shape the future. Don't wait any longer and start today.

Will you take charge?

The key to the future is profound change and development of people, teams and organisations.

Slow and invisible or fast and disruptive. Developments in technology, the economy, society and ecology require new perspectives and choices to survive.

Wherever you look, however you look, there is always movement and change. And that means moving along and taking charge of your own development.

Let's meet.

We work with people, professionals, managers, and leaders who want to shape their future.

Shaping by entering into an in-depth conversation with people about developments in their (inter)national context, with an eye for social relevance. To translate this together into urgent and necessary developments for people, teams, and the organisation.

Where own strength and talent are released and deployed. So that there is energy to get started together. And a stream of developments is set in motion. Developments that make us better at dealing with the dynamics and complexity of our environment. Or even to take control of those developments.

We combine experience and expertise with creativity and innovation. We use a business administration, business economics and legal perspective as well as an organisational and change management perspective.

This allows us to work in a multidisciplinary and systemic way with people, teams, and organisations. Focused on the development of the individual, the development of collaboration in groups and teams, and the development of the organisation as a whole. Working from the strategic ambitions and with attention to the social perspective.

Our role

We analyse and provide substantive advice on strategy development and strategic issues. About management and organisation. Teams and communication. Culture and leadership. Human resources, people and work.

We also design the associated change management and organisational interventions. And we facilitate associated work conferences and workshops, communication and dialogue sessions.

As a program manager and consultant, we realize change and development processes in the field of strategy development, organisational development, organisational change and organisational learning.

We design and realise trajectories aimed at the professional and personal development of the professionals in the organisation. And we provide coaching and counseling to individual professionals regarding their leadership effectiveness and development issues.

A good conversation.

Do you need people to challenge and confront you? People who make you better and help you to go beyond your own limits. Because it is your job to lead the development of your organisation. With an eye to the future. And where you want to make maximum use of people's knowledge and skills.

Are you an entrepreneur, director, manager of an organisation, staff departments or complex project. And do you have a strategic (future-oriented and relevant) issue in the field of people and organisation. With a complex (inter)national context and social relevance.

Do you recognise the added value of external expertise and are you prepared to involve it in a long-term relationship. Would you like to work together, use your own talent and potential, but also do not want to do everything yourself? Do you recognise the complexity of your issues and do you realise that there are no quick solutions?

Do you want your organisation to grow beyond your own borders? Do you want to function and perform with your organisation in a way that you thought was impossible? Then let's get acquainted and see what we can achieve together.


The meaning of an organisation is threefold. Generating return on shareholder investment. Both economically and socially. Meeting customer demand with products and services in exchange for value and loyalty. And creating a meaningful community for the employees.

Maintaining the balance between these three perspectives is not easy. Defining these three meaningful definitions of an organisation is also not self-evident. This requires an in-depth analysis of the current situation. Combined with a clear vision on organising with clear underlying principles and principles.

In our approach to organisational development, the “organising principles” are central. Reasoning from the organisational strategy and taking into account environmental factors, we look at what the best basic principles are based on which an organisation can be set up and how organisational development can be designed.

We use a multidisciplinary approach in which we learn and understand together with the organisation how an organisation works as a structure. And how the organisation works in practice form the perspective of culture, behaviour and attitude.

The change process and the development process also deserve extensive attention. Change in the sense of "business" restructuring and development in the sense of "organisational" social learning go hand in hand. Determining the associated principles, designing an intervention strategy and then implementing it requires a great deal of care and precision.

Together with the organisation, we are happy to take on the challenge of making your organisation a better place to work, where customers like to do business with and return, and where shareholders and stakeholders can be satisfied with the return.

Boardroom Teaming

Teams are the most important building block in organisations. Not for nothing. We expect teams to work together to generate added value.

Our approach to teamwork helps teams to better understand together what their task is, what ambitions they have and how they can enhance their added value through better and more collaborative behaviour.

We use a multidisciplinary approach with which we, together with the team, gain effective insight into the cooperation issues and the development potential.

For this we use, among other things, the methodological approach of “Teaming”, combined the insights of socio-technics, team dynamics and social psychology.

In a Team Action Learning approach we will experiment and learn to optimise the added value through collaboration.

We will take on this challenge together in order to gain a better understanding of what collaboration means at both an individual and group level and how you can shape it together with others.

Executive Coaching

Do you want to understand better how you see and shape the world? Better understand what your ambitions and needs are. Do you want to develop a deep self-insight that helps you to make fundamental choices and to stay on course. To further investigate which action perspectives give you more energy and connection. So, you can be who you really are. As a person, and as a professional.

That is the purpose of coaching and counseling. That's what I want to reach with you. Together with you, for you.

Working from a multidisciplinary approach, we can quickly and in-depth develop insight into dominant thinking and acting patterns, formative experiences, unconscious family patterns and the culture of your current context.

To this end, we use insights and methodological approaches from analytical psychology, system dynamics and social constructivism.

Based on this insight, we will experiment and learn with new, more powerful thinking and action perspectives that match your unique potential.

We are here for you until you find your new balance and unique meaning. With which you are better able to deal with complex and dynamic circumstances based on your unique strength and personality. To demonstrate effective personal and professional leadership.

Leadership and Culture

We help you to better understand how you see and shape the world. And how the world is seen and shaped on a collective level.

By understanding your personal and organisational ambitions. And developing deep self-understanding on a personal and collective level. To further investigate which action perspectives give you and the organisation more energy and connection

Working from a multidisciplinary approach, together we can quickly and in-depth develop insight into dominant thinking and acting patterns, formative experiences, unconscious family patterns and the culture of your current context.

To this end, we use insights and methodological approaches from analytical psychology, system dynamics and social constructivism.

Based on this insight, we will experiment and learn with new, more powerful thinking and action perspectives that match your unique potential. And the unique potential of the organisation. These experiments lead to new possibilities and skills. These can be used for the development and realisation of strategic goals. And of your personal development.

We are here for you until you find your new balance and unique meaning. With which you are better able to deal with complex and dynamic circumstances based on your unique strength and personality. To demonstrate effective personal and professional leadership. In your interest and in the interset of you organisation.
We are at "All Senior" network of experienced organizational professionals.
Professionals with demonstrable knowledge and experience. At home in many markets.

This means that we ourselves or from our network always find people who can make a difference. So that we can help your organization further.
We have what it takes to be successful as organisation.
We are experienced professionals in the fields of management, leadership, HRM, culture and organizational development.

Together with our partners we can experience the issues and challenges as they are in our current time.

From small to large, specialist and multidisciplinary, national and international.
It is my passion to unlock the potential of organisations and people. So that as powerful professionals and leaders they can shape their own future and that of the organisation. By giving direction and perspective. By connecting with the world around them. And by realizing their ambitions. From their own strength and talents.

As a consultant or program manager or as a manager or administrator you work in and with an organisation on tough and necessary transformation tasks in complex dynamic environments. Challenges that come in handy due to external developments such as disruptive market change, IT transformation and climate change.

It is my opinion that in organisations we leave a lot of talent and potential untapped. And that the focus on control and micromanagement severely limits our innovative capacity. This hinders the agility and the capacity to change of organisations. Which ultimately means that they operate in the rear or even go down completely.

I feel a strong motivation to do something about this. In the interest of the people involved and the world around us. By being who we really are. And learning from our most recent history, we will find new paths that will take us further.

My craftsmanship and personality enable me to empower people and unlock their leadership. In order to realize the desired and necessary change, development and innovation in their organisation. My expertise is based on a business and organisational background. I have extensive experience in strategy and management development. Culture and leadership development. Organisational innovation and transformation. Market and business development.

As a person I am naturally focused on innovation and connection. I like to explore what lies beyond the horizon together with others. To translate what we see into development processes that take people and organisation further. I easily enter into a trusted relationship that also lasts for a long time. My loyalty and commitment are paramount.

My work has taken me to many places: the Netherlands, Europe, United Kingdom, United States, Asia, India and Africa. I have had the privilege of working with a wide range of organisations, sectors and networks. Varying from multinationals to small and medium-sized companies. From the government to NGOs. From heavy industry and chemicals to the financial sector. This in western countries, emerging markets and developing countries.
My strength lies in stimulating the development of people and their organizations. I am a a typicall bridge builder who knows how to realize the connection and togetherness that is necessary for the future of all involved. Respect and justice for people are paramount.

As a director, HRM manager and Senior HR advisor, I know from experience how unruly daily practice can be. A practice in which we sometimes hurriedly and with insufficient sense of the context pursue our short-term goals. I see it as my role to ensure that processes run in such a way that there is well-considered decision-making, a balanced weighing of interests and a result that everyone involved can agree with.

This may concern, for example, individual case histories in the sphere of labour relations, to policy issues in the field of inflow, mobility, and outflow or employment conditions that apply to an entire organization.

My experience extends from the private to the public sector and from small and medium-sized companies to large concerns.

My background as a lawyer combined with my broad work experience in various sectors and various roles means that I can be effective from multiple perspectives and in multiple situations.
Let management and organizations work on their future in a development-oriented manner. In which personal and professional leadership, collaboration and learning are central.
Using the potential of people and organizations to build better organizations where people are empowered and seen. Organizations that are viable for the future.
Connecting people with people. Taking people on a journey in which they get to know themselves better and are increasingly able to shape their future.
Constructive leadership and a constructive culture as building blocks for a viable organization for a future-oriented.

Our Network

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The Odincompany is the developer of the Odin Development Compass and the Odin Culture and Leadership Compass. We use these Compasses in our organizational development processes. Together with the Odincompany, we are working on broadening and deepening the Odincompany Compasses in organisation, culture and leadership development.

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A turnaround is a complex matter. As experts in Project Control, we help asset owners to create and maintain an overview. To achieve quick results with the whole team. And to do it even better next time.

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BC4U Teaming is developer of the BC4U Teaming Compass. An on-line tool that supports team development. Together with BC4U Teaming, we are working on broadening and deepening the application of the BC4U Teaming Compass in organisation, culture and leadership development processes.

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Our partner in the field of HRM assessments and talent

Hrmforce talent management software helps you with every part of the HR process. Develop your employees, let your organization grow and achieve the maximum return. Hrmforce, from talent to results.

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Our partner in metal and electrical engineering

MEPD helps people and organizations in their search for work, development and personal growth.

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